Sunday, March 2, 2014

A Poem about Gratitude

Photo by Joseph Pearson on Unsplash

An opportunity that was given to me
To explore faraway places that will set me free
Searching for someone that had left me
To feel the importance again of life

A stranger had blinked at me
 A smile on his face reaches for me
I like the way he glances at me
Like the rays of sunlight that shines preferably

He treats me as the best of his friends
Value, love and care was embower at me
Unexpectedly, he’s like a brother of mine
A monster of the past was driven away from me

I felt like I was in the heavens above
No one knows the laughter is all about
A tinted heart that lost its chastity
Regains by a friend that comes into my life

Thousand words of thanks never be enough
With a friend like you that is worthwhile living
Space from the past, you light it up
A friend of ours will forever in my heart.


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