Sunday, March 2, 2014

Poem about Fear: "Fake"

Fear by Cristian Newman

I woke up early in the morning
To response to the cue of my father
And here I am again
My eyes still sleeping

I saw the sun shining

Its rays touch my skin
And the sky was so clear
Where the birds are flying

While I’m walking under the shadows of the trees

 I heard the voice so fierce
If the dog standing like a beast
 My body starts to shake its muscles  

Thanks God I survived

To the big deals I surpassed
And the greatest fear I had
Still living in my heart

Mistaken Identity

She looks at me
And I look at her
We look each other

Oh! I’m glad to see her

She smiles at me
And smile at her
We smile to each other

Oh! I’m falling in love with her

She kisses me
And I kiss her
We kiss each other

Oh! I want to marry her

She asks my name
And I ask her name Oh man!
She’s my uncle

Leona Lewis - Run


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