Friday, June 13, 2014

A Poem about Hope

It is the confident desire, wish, trust or chance that something desirable will happen or likely to bring success or relief. This poem is about a story of a guy who never thought there was hope in his miserable life. This is a story-structured prose and for sure, you can absolutely relate to it.
Poem about Hope
Hope via


There was a guy named Isolation
He was dumped and abused
By people whom he thought trustworthy
But he was wrong, very wrong

Now he hides against the walls
Beneath his bed sheaths he cries
He moans with pain and anger
Vindictive as he can be

One day. Someone came into his life
He feels weird, but it was relieving
But he can’t get rid of the fear;
Thinking of what happened before.

He tried to ignore and avoid the person
But he only gets hurt if doing it so,
So he decided to give the chance
And open his life again to that person

Later on, he feels better, much better
Than what he was before
He started to smile, he began to trust
His life was renewed once more

He learned to live again with hope
Because of that person, he was revived
The person was the hope that put him;
To life which he was now playing again


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Kenneth Clutario Agudo said...

Hello, whoever you are. I am very happy of your comment. It feels so good when someone appreciate my works here. Thank you and God bless, it would be an honor and privilege about it.

Thanks in advance:)

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