Wednesday, September 9, 2020

I Miss Dancing - Sad Poem


I miss dancing,

I miss energy and community

Away from masks and sickness

Connection love & fun

Not fear of future

It’s up to the stars our paths

Our fate who knows

It’s not ours to know

Cyree cyraa haha… 

Maybe next spring;

Another season perhaps a man,

Perhaps not I have any love for lies

Unless they are unto myself

That I know well but there’s truth even in that

Bliss doesn’t exist in this realm

But pretense is a thing,

Perhaps a new hairstyle next spring..

Maybe I’ll be skinny

Probably not

Less time for lovers and more for myself

To be part of an uprising, an uproar!

Demolishing the structures of society 

Would bring strength,

And for my soul, 

Would serve some purpose.

I still miss dancing…

-Anonymous (AU)

sad poem - i miss dancing

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Friends to Strangers Again - Friendship Poem

Things were never the same again
The feeling has gone into vain
Interest vanished like the haze in the air
I ponder what happened, dear friend.

At first, we were just strangers;
You glance and I smiled, 
We become a good acquaintance
Days were blissful, filled with energy

We exchange contact, chat one another
We treat each other like best of friends
It was fun our frequency was in sync
It felt so good as our connection deepens

Then outside factors change you slowly
Coldness crept inside your radiant heart
You become nonchalant, very indifferent
Our amity got inked began to fester

It hurts me a lot for your change of heart
I thought we were really good friends,
But our friendship has gone astray 
It can be lost forever by your indifference.

Friends to Strangers Again - Friendship Poem

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Friendship Poem - "Friend Request"

I treated you like a brother
I see you as my best friend
But you’re too apathetic
Too egoistic and indifferent

I dare to open your eyes
That I’m good, fun to be with;
I exhaust myself for many times
To re-align me to your universe 

But things are elusive to catch up;
You are the one who avoids signal
Maybe I’m just a random stranger
You’ll never treat as your true friend.

I’m getting over with the chasing
Won’t force you to befriend me
Cause friendship is about feelings
Of two souls parallel to each other.

Monday, September 9, 2019

"Hidden Desire" - Dark Poem

A whisper to heaven
An entreaty for you my friend. 
To God up above, hope He listens.
I want to contain my inner side
To obtain better control in life

If thirsting myself will provide peace
Let thy soul be serenade by Your voice
For I felt suppressed inside out
As desire is deprived for one’s l*st
Trying to hide the surface mask

Pheromones are strong, intensely dark
Indulging in this hollow I’ll get succumb
In this precipice of objectification,
It will sure be sufficed dark mind
Prisoner of desire, a puppet of one’s mind

I’ll let this slip and suppress everything
I won’t destroy my visage and facade
For I see no value in fueling our flames
Not foolish enough to burn me twice
For someone who’ll never be mine.


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