Monday, September 9, 2019

"Hidden Desire" - Dark Poem

A whisper to heaven
An entreaty for you my friend. 
To God up above, hope He listens.
I want to contain my inner side
To obtain better control in life

If thirsting myself will provide peace
Let thy soul be serenade by Your voice
For I felt suppressed inside out
As desire is deprived for one’s l*st
Trying to hide the surface mask

Pheromones are strong, intensely dark
Indulging in this hollow I’ll get succumb
In this precipice of objectification,
It will sure be sufficed dark mind
Prisoner of desire, a puppet of one’s mind

I’ll let this slip and suppress everything
I won’t destroy my visage and facade
For I see no value in fueling our flames
Not foolish enough to burn me twice
For someone who’ll never be mine.

Friday, August 9, 2019

Sad Poem - "Me and the Cat"

Its an ordinary day at work
The weather is humid
And the rain is drizzling
I went for my break

And take my lunch.
After, I sit at the park
In a hut with benches
For a while, I felt relief,

From hours of standing.
Then I played my homescape
And saw a cat looking at me.
And at the moment.

I was alone with the cat.
Then I felt so alone.
There’s loneliness inside me.
I don’t have friends at work.

I feel like I was about to cry.
I’m sad, tired and alone.
How I wish I have a friend
In this new country
For me not to feel alone.

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Dark Poem -"Messed Up"

Sometimes you really mess up.
You ruin everything that’s almost perfect
Cut people who truly love you
And choose the one who doesn't.

Sometimes you make bad choices
You regret your actions
Lost people who are always there
Left alone clueless and forlorn

Sometimes you act as if you are strong
Ignore the aches of rejections
Continue to follow indifferent people
Just because you think you needed them

Sometimes you choose to be silent
Cause words can't express your thoughts
Music cant describe your emotions
And the mind can no longer justify it anymore

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Love Poem - "I Love You, Goodbye"

I’m writing this poem to you my ex-lover
I just want to let you know I am doing good
I’m happier now with someone else
Who never take me for granted
Not like what you’ve done in the past.

I’m writing this poem to say “thank you”
For letting me find myself
For letting me realize I deserve better.
I hope you’ll find yours too
But please don’t let him feel the hell 
Take good care of people who loves you.

I’m writing this poem to bid farewell
To let you know I’m not going back to you.
I wish you happiness and contentment
Please do take care of yourself
You may look for me in someone else
But what I’ve given you is pure
You’ll miss me for sure, I love you goodbye

Love Poem - "I Love You, Goodbye"


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