Sunday, April 7, 2019

Love Poem - "Afraid of Losing You"

I fear to lose you one day
And never come back, get astray
I try my best to make you stay
Cause it's painful, it's not okay

I know sometimes I do control
And for you, it ain’t cool at all
But I fear, I don’t wanna be a fool
Cause nothing will be left if I give full

What we have is good, I like it a lot
It’s pure and healthy continuous like a knot
I hope you envision a happy plot
For our relationship to have a great shot

I cry when you get distant cold
And I don’t want to curse and scold
For bad words, if spoken get millionfold
Hard to get back, cannot be unfold

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Dark Poem - "Fates Forged Path"

How vain and conceited my spirit has grown 
Shamelessly pleading for this pathetic dream;
The chance to earn and deserve true love, 
A heart to soothe the damaged soul inside of me. 

Years of drinking, depression, and endless rejection, 
My insignificance being shoved in my face, 
Finally shattered and reshaped my mind-- 
Forcing a sadistic psyche to take its place. 

Secretly yearning for my soul to be seen 
Before invisibility succeeds in enveloping me, 
My dying heart dares to hope for the dream 
Blind to the impending crash to reality 

After the fantasy has ensnared me: 
I could be someone of worth; 
The depths of my flaws drag me down through the ground 
Binding my soul to its place in the dirt. 

Broken and defeated--
I weakly relinquish my dream 
Of being able to hold another heart. 
Instead-- my destiny is as a fleeting memory 
Forgotten the moment I departed.

© Cayla West

Friday, April 5, 2019

Love Poen - "Wasted Love"

Its been almost a year
When you’ve broken my heart
And I’ve settled everything back,
But you’ve never replied.

Today, you have emailed me.
Asking forgiveness from your apathy
Telling me you miss me big-time.

Somehow I am teary-eyed.
Not because I miss you
Nor I still love you.
It’s a feeling of dismay.
For the love that was wasted.

Because to go back over time.
I’ve loved you more than you know.
Now, I have someone else.
Who loves me more than you do.
And makes me feel as a whole.

I’m sorry but our time was over.
And there’s no looking back
For a wasted adoration,
Will never be given back again.

Photo by Sydney Sims on Unsplash

Friday, March 22, 2019

Love Poem - "Only You"

I miss you, when could I see you?

My heart beats fast longing to be with you,
Couldn't sleep at night kept thinking of you
What will I do just to be beside you?

I miss you, no matter what I do it's still you
Getting busy but things remind me of you
Everything in my mind is only you
How can I ever get rid of you?

I miss you but I can't let go of you
Look at our pictures & it's only me and you
Spent plenty of memories with you
Can I still forget you? 

I miss you is all I can tell you
Hoping one day, I will again see you
No matter how long, I want to meet you
For all, I know it's only you. 


Photo by Tony Lam Hoang on Unsplash


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