Friday, March 22, 2019

Love Poem - "Only You"

I miss you, when could I see you?
My heart beats fast longing to be with you,
Couldn't sleep at night kept thinking of you
What will I do just to be beside you?

I miss you, no matter what I do it's still you

Getting busy but things remind me of you
Everything in my mind is only you
How can I ever get rid of you?

I miss you but I can't let go of you

Look at our pictures & it's only me and you
Spent plenty of memories with you
Can I still forget you? 

I miss you is all I can tell you

Hoping one day, I will again see you
No matter how long, I want to meet you
For all, I know it's only you. 


Photo by Tony Lam Hoang on Unsplash

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Haiku: Sea + Waves + Seashells


Timid blue sea
Cold waves flashing from shore
Trying to lure


Hundred ripples
Creating massive illusions
Bidding farewells


Drawn at the shore
Crried by endless rogue waves
Sparkling shells

Haiku: Bruise + Quarrels + Liar


You throw stones
Hit me hard 'till I feel numb
Worn down by blows


Fights and more fights
Shattered glasses in our room
Tainted with blood


You lie to me!
Your words are very deceptive
I'll never trust you.

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

A Poem about Broken Dreams

This is a poem about a little boy who dreamed too high, soaring like an eagle, without realizing that he's just a little sparrow with 
a ruptured wing who can't fly.

A Little Boy’s Dream

When I was young, I dream a lot
I want to have wings and fly;
For me to see the beauty of my land
Filled with flowers flourishing around me

When I was young, I dream a lot
I want to be an astronaut and explore;
See the wonders of space
Witness the twinkling star and meteorites

When I was young, I dream a lot
I want to travel the world and thrive
Collect memories, taking awesome shots.
Put an album into a treasure for a lifetime.

When I was young, I dream a lot
I sleep with pure bliss and wonder
Gullible and innocent, a hopeful dreamer
Sees the world without any blemish

Then, I grew up...I’ve stopped dreaming.
Hardened by setbacks, betrayed by people
All hopes turn into a narrow black hollow

And I stop dreaming, I just stop dreaming...


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