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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Unhappy Poem

This poem is all about smiling, in spite of the difficulties and bitterness of life. Even though he feels hopeless sometimes, he still managed to smile. For he believes that God is always there and will guide him – even in the middle of darkness..
  Smile by Sam Manns

Smile even though your heart is aching
Even though the dawn is setting
Even their love is dying
And you lost your heart for nothing…

Smile even though the world is in pain
Even though there is nature wrath
Even though your dreams are hopeless
And you found yourself still hanging…

Smile even though people are leaving
Even though their memories are fading
Even though they left you with tears rolling
And you did keep your faith standing…

Smile even though there are failures
Even though you lose the battle
Even though the people criticize you
And you find yourself positive and smiling. . .

Ed Sheeran - Shape of You

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sad Poem: A Solemn Entreaty

This poem was dedicated to a person somewhere on the web. I wrote this poem to offer my friendship again and to start a new beginning after some misunderstanding. I open myself again to work here and hoping the tension will get loosen to make things in  the state of serenity again.  
Sorry by Nik Shuliahin

Hear my call that is full of sadness
That exudes from my heart that is filled with kindness
Accompanied with sincerity and with fineness
Hoping that someday you will give forgiveness

I ought to understand and jump in a rush
And things get worst and calmness was smash
I flee and shriveled like I was in a dash
Got scared like a horse that is being lashed

I cried and can’t sleep on that tragic night
I felt cold and annoyed like I was in a fright
My eyes were teary with blurry sight
Muttering with prayers to make things right

My dear friend, I'm sorry

Prisoner of the Past

This poem is a tribute to my past self. A guy who can’t recover from his tragic and miserable past, but he is still fighting, waiting for a brighter tomorrow to come and
hoping that someday he will escape from being a prisoner of his past. 

P.S Play the song below while reading for more intense feeling.
Prisoner by Vladislav Klapin

Tears stream onto his worried face
Like morning mist in the window pane
His strength weakened, his lips were parse 
And he can’t even speak or pace

Indulging the pain like it was lust
Afraid with pounding heart that is fast
Like he was driven and coerce by a cast
Hiding in a capsule for him to be latent

Wanted to shorten his life’s length
To halt the burden of a frail patient
Incarcerated by the shadows of his past
Blinded to see the sunshine of present

Bellefire - Can't Cry Hard Enough

A Poem about Teachers Day

This poem is dedicated to my dearest mother who is a high school teacher. I am proud of her as my mother. That is why I salute all teachers without them we will remain barbaric. Teachers make doctors, police officers, nurses, engineers and more. They harness the other professions and that is why they symbolize the pillars of our society.
Teach by Ben White

Teachers teach us how to read and write
They guide us like lamps in the barbaric night
Sometimes scold us to make things right
That’s why they symbolize the bulb’s light

Teachers enlighten us which way to embark
Like traffic enforcers that leads where to park
They show the right way when things get dark
That’s why they’re like heroes that will always mark

Teachers are the pillars of education
They prepare children for the next generation
They also serve us hope and inspiration
To make this world ready for globalization

Bullied to Death

This poem is about a person who was bullied ruthlessly by other people because of his ugly visage. He had dark skin, a stout posture, and curly hair. He hated himself for looking like that and blamed God for having a miserable life. And he ended his story in a very tragic way. 

Bullied by Ahmed Rizkhaan

He glances in the mirror and refrains to hate
Of what he saw and started to contemplate
Asking God why he has a miserable fate
If only he can change, he will dictate

Vulgar words by people that makes him restless
Pierces his heart that put his life into a mess
Questioning his faith which seems to be hopeless
That makes him and his life depressed

He can’t stand it, it was unbearable
His life was in vain and it was terrible
He gets his gun and cries and grumbles
And shoots himself in the head and it ends horribly

A Poem about Childhood

Childhood Memories

Pure and free from any kind of smear
Innocent life with needs that is austere
Authentic visages as you take a stare
From the untainted lives of what they wear

Memories of childhood make you bliss
As it resonates in your life and gives you access
In every nostalgic moment that you possess
In a life that is full of failures and success

Young and fresh as they live and project
Angelic faces which are not infected
By the cruelty of the world which is imperfect
Which is totally unfair for a child that must be neglected?

Playing all day long with their friends and mates
Laughing and enjoying life as they create
Mingling with their trusted affiliates
Truly memorable moments that never aggravate

Food is one of the centers of their needs
They crave and ask for more and sometimes with greed
As self-satisfaction, they wanted to be fed
So guardians give sanction for every good deed

They tell honestly about what they feel
Open, explicit and decent that is sometimes cruel
Their words are true and caressing like Asphodel
Because they’re good and practically real

Children are the hope of our unspoken future
For people get old like plants that wither
They must be molded rightly with love and ardor
For they are the next practitioners that will galore


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