Thursday, January 23, 2014

Dark poem - "Bullied to Death"

This poem is about a person who was bullied ruthlessly by other people because of his ugly visage. He had dark skin, a stout posture, and curly hair. He hated himself for looking like that and blamed God for having a miserable life. And he ended his story in a very tragic way. 

Bullied by Ahmed Rizkhaan

He glances in the mirror and refrains to hate
Of what he saw and started to contemplate
Asking God why he has a miserable fate
If only he can change, he will dictate

Vulgar words by people that makes him restless
Pierces his heart that put his life into a mess
Questioning his faith which seems to be hopeless
That makes him and his life depressed

He can’t stand it, it was unbearable
His life was in vain and it was terrible
He gets his gun and cries and grumbles
And shoots himself in the head and it ends horribly.


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