Thursday, January 23, 2014

A Poem about Childhood Memories

Pure and free from any kind of smear
Innocent life with needs that is austere
Authentic visages as you take a stare
From the untainted lives of what they wear

Memories of childhood make you bliss
As it resonates in your life and gives you access
In every nostalgic moment that you possess
In a life that is full of failures and success

Young and fresh as they live and project
Angelic faces which are not infected
By the cruelty of the world which is imperfect
Which is totally unfair for a child that must be neglected?

Playing all day long with their friends and mates
Laughing and enjoying life as they create
Mingling with their trusted affiliates
Truly memorable moments that never aggravate

Food is one of the centers of their needs
They crave and ask for more and sometimes with greed
As self-satisfaction, they wanted to be fed
So guardians give sanction for every good deed

They tell honestly about what they feel
Open, explicit and decent that is sometimes cruel
Their words are true and caressing like Asphodel
Because they’re good and practically real

Children are the hope of our unspoken future
For people get old like plants that wither
They must be molded rightly with love and ardor
For they are the next practitioners that will galore


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