Thursday, January 23, 2014

Dark Poem - "Prisoner of the Past"

This poem is a tribute to my past self. A guy who can’t recover from his tragic and miserable past, but he is still fighting, waiting for a brighter tomorrow to come and
hoping that someday he will escape from being a prisoner of his past. 

P.S Play the song below while reading for more intense feeling.
Prisoner by Vladislav Klapin

Tears stream onto his worried face
Like morning mist in the window pane
His strength weakened, his lips were parse 
And he can’t even speak or pace

Indulging the pain like it was lust
Afraid with pounding heart that is fast
Like he was driven and coerce by a cast
Hiding in a capsule for him to be latent

Wanted to shorten his life’s length
To halt the burden of a frail patient
Incarcerated by the shadows of his past
Blinded to see the sunshine of present

Bellefire - Can't Cry Hard Enough


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