Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sad Poem - "Unhappy"

This poem is all about smiling, in spite of the difficulties and bitterness of life. Even though he feels hopeless sometimes, he still managed to smile. For he believes that God is always there and will guide him – even in the middle of darkness..
  Smile by Sam Manns

Smile even though your heart is aching
Even though the dawn is setting
Even their love is dying
And you lost your heart for nothing…

Smile even though the world is in pain
Even though there is nature wrath
Even though your dreams are hopeless
And you found yourself still hanging…

Smile even though people are leaving
Even though their memories are fading
Even though they left you with tears rolling
And you did keep your faith standing…

Smile even though there are failures
Even though you lose the battle
Even though the people criticize you
And you find yourself positive and smiling. . .

Ed Sheeran - Shape of You


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