Thursday, January 23, 2014

A Poem about Teachers

This poem is dedicated to my dearest mother who is a high school teacher. I am proud of her as my mother. That is why I salute all teachers without them we will remain barbaric. Teachers make doctors, police officers, nurses, engineers and more. They harness the other professions and that is why they symbolize the pillars of our society.
Teach by Ben White

Teachers teach us how to read and write
They guide us like lamps in the barbaric night
Sometimes scold us to make things right
That’s why they symbolize the bulb’s light

Teachers enlighten us which way to embark
Like traffic enforcers that leads where to park
They show the right way when things get dark
That’s why they’re like heroes that will always mark

Teachers are the pillars of education
They prepare children for the next generation
They also serve us hope and inspiration
To make this world ready for globalization


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