Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sad Poem - "A Solemn Entreaty"

This poem was dedicated to a person somewhere on the web. I wrote this poem to offer my friendship again and to start a new beginning after some misunderstanding. I open myself again to work here and hoping the tension will get loosen to make things in  the state of serenity again.  
Sorry by Nik Shuliahin

Hear my call that is full of sadness
That exudes from my heart, filled with kindness
Accompanied with sincerity and with fineness
Hoping that someday you will give forgiveness

I ought to understand and jump in a rush
And things get worst and calmness was smash
I flee and shriveled like I was in a dash
Got scared like a horse that is being lashed

I cried and can’t sleep on that tragic night
I felt cold and annoyed like I was in a fright
My eyes were teary with blurry sight
Muttering with prayers to make things right

My dear friend, I'm sorry


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