Friday, March 7, 2014

Poem about Nature: "Paradise"

Paradise by Jakob Owens

I can’t wait to see the beauty of the place
Where I lived there for how many years
I’m sad to leave and migrate to another place
But it’s nice to be back to the paradise where I live…

I remember everything way back to my childhood years
Climbing the trees, swimming in rivers and lakes
Playing games together with my friends
Good to reflect all the childhood years…

My heart and soul living in fear, knowing my place is in danger
 Blue seas and rivers turned to gray cause of garbage and waste from factories
Clean and fresh air is polluted and unclear
The birds fly away from where they linger, their habitats are lost forever…

What happened to the paradise I proud to live with?
Some people break the place of innocence
They don’t care about the future of their offspring
It’s hard to get back the true image of the paradise where I live…

Poem about Dreams: "Ambitious"

The best thing about dreams is that fleeting moment, when you are between asleep and awake, when you don't know the difference between reality and fantasy, when for just that one moment you feel with your entire soul that the dream is reality, and it really happened. ~James Arthur Baldwin
Dream Catcher by Andreas Wagner

On the first day I dream
Oh yes! I dream, I dream, I dream
I walk and sit and walk and sit
I want to be a star!

On the second day I dream
Oh yes! I dream, I dream, I dream
I stand and clap and stand and clap
I want to be a king!

On the third day I dream
Oh yes! I dream, I dream, I dream
I eat and sleep and eat and sleep
I want to be a billionaire

On the last day I dream
Oh No! I’m still dreaming?!
I think and breathe and think and breathe
Realizing that if I keep on dreaming
Nothing will happen!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Poem about Love: "Broken Heart"

This is a poem about somebody who loved too much, but in the end, he was left all alone; the notion of losing everything and a worthless life without the soul whom 
you genuinely adore.
Photo by Cooper Smith on Unsplash

How can I explain?
That my heart is aching
Without you life is burden
Will my life be happy again?

I keep your promise
That your love is endless
You fill my heart with bliss
But you leave me

You said that you love me
That made my day completely
But why you betrayed me?
And hurt me badly

My heart still crying
Now, my soul is dying
I hope that you’re just kidding
That you’re leaving

Friendship Poem: "My Best of Friend"

Friendship by Seth Doyle

Is not the materials itself
Nor the expensive things
But only to have a best friend

Now my prayer was answered

God gives me a better friend
And I feel so blessed
To me he really cared

Even were from far places

Even we can’t see every day in our faces
But it may not the reason for changes
In our hearts we’re best of friends

He gives back the care I have given

Ready to take his life at risk
Even the danger he's ready to face
To give the best for his best friend

Now I really believed

That time can wait
God gave me what I deserved
I’m proud to say, Jamer is the best

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Poem about Fear: "Fake"

Fear by Cristian Newman

I woke up early in the morning
To response to the cue of my father
And here I am again
My eyes still sleeping

I saw the sun shining

Its rays touch my skin
And the sky was so clear
Where the birds are flying

While I’m walking under the shadows of the trees

 I heard the voice so fierce
If the dog standing like a beast
 My body starts to shake its muscles  

Thanks God I survived

To the big deals I surpassed
And the greatest fear I had
Still living in my heart

Mistaken Identity

She looks at me
And I look at her
We look each other

Oh! I’m glad to see her

She smiles at me
And smile at her
We smile to each other

Oh! I’m falling in love with her

She kisses me
And I kiss her
We kiss each other

Oh! I want to marry her

She asks my name
And I ask her name Oh man!
She’s my uncle

Leona Lewis - Run

A Poem about Gratitude

Photo by Joseph Pearson on Unsplash

An opportunity that was given to me
To explore faraway places that will set me free
Searching for someone that had left me
To feel the importance again of life

A stranger had blinked at me
 A smile on his face reaches for me
I like the way he glances at me
Like the rays of sunlight that shines preferably

He treats me as the best of his friends
Value, love and care was embower at me
Unexpectedly, he’s like a brother of mine
A monster of the past was driven away from me

I felt like I was in the heavens above
No one knows the laughter is all about
A tinted heart that lost its chastity
Regains by a friend that comes into my life

Thousand words of thanks never be enough
With a friend like you that is worthwhile living
Space from the past, you light it up
A friend of ours will forever in my heart.

Poems about Stars: "Diamonds in the Sky"

The poem was inspired by the song “Diamond” by Rihanna. Diamonds were compared to the stars at night that gives glow, color, fun, route, etc to all star gazers. This poem that I have written is also dedicated to all the children out there and at the same time to the people who uses stars as inspiration.
Stars by Manouchehr Hejazi

Sparkling tiny diamonds in the sky
That light up every night
Tickling and shining brightly
That gives glow in the lonely night

Sparkling tiny diamonds in the sky
That gives joy every night
Blazing and flaming fiercely
That flickers hope in timid night

Sparkling tiny diamonds in the sky
That gives color in a dusky night
Glittering and shimmering happily
Like precious gems in the dark night

Sparkling tiny diamonds in the sky
That gives fun to children at night
Dancing and leading merrily
That gives direction to sailors at night.


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