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Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Poem about Endless Love

This poem is about the reality of life. That we are only given one shot to make our lives worth to live for and will let us say when we already old “It was worth remembering for”. We only borrowed our life to God and we’ll never know when will He will get it back to us.
Grow Old by Lotte Meijer

"Grow Old With You"

Life is a cycle with Alpha and Omega
You will grow old and soon will be decrepit
You will never know how long you’ll live
For life is only lent to God almighty

Today, maybe you look fresh and young
Your skin is silky, smooth and glossy
You have enough strength to do everything
With your youthful visage and proficiency

Tomorrow might be the edge of your trek
You’ll feeble and will be running out of the air
Maybe it’s your time for your mission is done
Or maybe when deathly hallow visits and strike

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Father and Son

A Poem about Promises

This poem is about someone who have chosen to forego the person whom he really loves for the sake of their future. Even it was really hard for him, he knew that it was the best and only way to make things right. Promises were broken, and only time can tell if love is enough.
Broken Vow by Alaric Hartsock

"Wrecked Promise"

Day by day I used to remember a promise
That we will be forever till the end
But things did not work out, we’ve started to bend
And I want to ask you “Did you remorse?”

I had left not because I fall out of love
But because it’s veracity to stop and let go
I remained hushed in my forlorn rove
Missing you silently as I forego

As I meander with a broken heart
I yearn that someday you’ll realize
That’s what I’ve done is for the sake of us
For us to make a new fresh start

Don’t be mad about what I’ve done
You’ll still remain in my wrecked heart
Soon, someday we’ll be complete
For the right person we are meant to be

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Song of the Lonely Mountain 

Monday, April 21, 2014

Poem about Magic

This poem was inspired by the movie “Harry Potter”. I was never been a fan of sorcery film but after watching the movie I become so addicted to it that I even made a poem about its theme.
Sorcery via Freestocks.org

Men are called wizards
Women are called witches
They can make things move
They levitate and can defy gravity
Through their magical broomstick
They fly like ravens in a dusky sky

Some are good ones
But some are wicked
They’re like positive and negative forces
That clashes every time they meet
Bound with danger and omen
Cause of madness for power

Witches put curses while wizards cast spells
Bewitch somebody who is weak and vulnerable
Some say they are evil entities
Whilst some say they are formidable and good
But it depends on their intention and desire
That will tell if they’re “good or bad”

A Poem about Equality

This is a poem about the comparison of “Equality and Justice” if which one should be the basis of human rights. This poem will enlighten some of the differences between the two and how they really work. This is an inspired poem written with empathy.
Poem about Human Rights

Equality gives a man justice?
Some were born wealthy and some were born poor
Some were fortunate and some were hapless
The world’s bounty must be distributed equally
To achieve justice, we need equity

Justice is the true catalyst for equality?
Poor must be given the same protection just like rich people
The rights of the wealthy must be also the rights of unfortunates
Peasants must have an opportunity like elite men in society
In this way, there is an equilibrium

But which is really just “equality or justice”?
In giving men the freedom and rights
Equality doesn’t always lead to justice
But justice will always find a way to keep things just and equal
So, therefore, justice wins in considering the right of man

Poem about War

This poem was inspired by the movie “The Lord of the Rings”. The poem is a tribute and impression about the madness of war. It destroys human life and only put torment to people. War will never be an answer for greatness.
War by Henry Hustava

The light had fainted and the world is in toil
Darkness had vanquished the virgin pure soul
 Long twilight begins that covers every morning stroll 
Places were colonized by vicious trolls

Men spewed-out deathly fumes in the air
Diffused by bomb explosions created by men
Toxic stinks with poisonous odor
Pitiful innocent lives were badly taken

The soil was cursed by rotten-dead bodies
Some got arid, drought and futile
Whilst some become vile and infectious
Other lands turned into damp wasteland pile

The life of men at war puts its age to be scarce
 Weaklings got driven and cowards got coerced 
Some were startled, captives by abominable forces
While some remain silent, praying for peace


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