Thursday, April 24, 2014

Dark Poem - "Wrecked Promise"

This poem is about someone who have chosen to forego the person whom he really loves for the sake of their future. Even it was really hard for him, he knew that it was the best and only way to make things right. Promises were broken, and only time can tell if love is enough.
Broken Vow by Alaric Hartsock

Day by day I used to remember a promise
That we will be forever till the end
But things did not work out, we’ve started to bend
And I want to ask you “Did you remorse?”

I had left not because I fall out of love
But because it’s veracity to stop and let go
I remained hushed in my forlorn rove
Missing you silently as I forego

As I meander with a broken heart
I yearn that someday you’ll realize
What I’ve done is for the sake of us
For us to make a new fresh start

Don’t be mad about what I’ve done
You’ll still remain in my wrecked heart
Soon, someday we’ll be complete
For the right person, we are meant to be

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Song of the Lonely Mountain 


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