Thursday, April 24, 2014

Love Poem - "Endless Love"

This poem is about the reality of life. That we are only given one shot to make our lives worth to live for and will let us say when we already old “It was worth remembering for”. We only borrowed our life to God and we’ll never know when will He will get it back to us.
Grow Old by Lotte Meijer

Life is a cycle with Alpha and Omega
You will grow old and soon will be decrepit
You will never know how long you’ll live
For life is only lent to God almighty

Today, maybe you look fresh and young
Your skin is silky, smooth and glossy
You have enough strength to do everything
With your youthful visage and proficiency

Tomorrow might be the edge of your trek
You’ll feeble and will be running out of the air
Maybe it’s your time for your mission is done
Or maybe when deathly hallow visits and strike

|| Listen to this song ||

Father and Son


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