Monday, April 21, 2014

Poem about Justice: "Equality"

This is a poem about the comparison of “Equality and Justice” if which one should be the basis of human rights. This poem will enlighten some of the differences of the two and how they really work. This is an inspired poem written with empathy.
Poem about Human Rights

Equality gives a man justice?
Some were born wealthy and some were born poor
Some were fortunate and some were hapless
The world’s bounty must be distributed equally
To achieve justice, we need equity

Justice is the true catalyst of equality?
Poor must be given the same protection just like rich people
The rights of the wealthy must be also the rights of unfortunates
Peasants must have opportunity like elite men in society
In this way, there is equilibrium

But which is really just “equality or justice”?
In giving men the freedom and rights
Equality doesn’t always lead to justice
But justice will always find a way to keep things just and equal
So therefore, justice wins in considering the right of man


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