Monday, April 21, 2014

A Poem about War

This poem was inspired by the movie “The Lord of the Rings”. The poem is a tribute and impression about the madness of war. It destroys human life and only put torment to people. War will never be an answer for greatness.
War by Henry Hustava

The light had fainted and the world is in toil
Darkness had vanquished the virgin pure soul
 Long twilight begins that covers every morning stroll 
Places were colonized by vicious trolls

Men spewed-out deathly fumes in the air
Diffused by bomb explosions created by men
Toxic stinks with poisonous odor
Pitiful innocent lives were badly taken

The soil was cursed by rotten-dead bodies
Some got arid, drought and futile
Whilst some become vile and infectious
Other lands turned into damp wasteland pile

The life of men at war puts its age to be scarce
 Weaklings got driven and cowards got coerced 
Some were startled, captives by abominable forces
While some remain silent, praying for peace


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