Monday, April 21, 2014

A Poem about Magic

This poem was inspired by the movie “Harry Potter”. I was never been a fan of sorcery film but after watching the movie I become so addicted to it that I even made a poem about its theme.
Sorcery via Freestocks.org

Men are called wizards
Women are called witches
They can make things move
They levitate and can defy gravity
Through their magical broomstick
They fly like ravens in a dusky sky

Some are good ones
But some are wicked
They’re like positive and negative forces
That clashes every time they meet
Bound with danger and omen
Cause of madness for power

Witches put curses while wizards cast spells
Bewitch somebody who is weak and vulnerable
Some say they are evil entities
Whilst some say they are formidable and good
But it depends on their intention and desire
That will tell if they’re “good or bad”


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