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Friday, May 30, 2014

Sad Poem: "Miserable Life"

Life is complicated and very uncertain, those people who manage to remain positive lives life happily, but those pessimistic people live in misery. This poem is about someone who had gone into multiple life tragedy. What he feels is pain and he thinks that life is worthless without the person whom 
he really wanted to be with.
Photo by Brunel Johnson on Unsplash

Don’t go near with me
I’m dirty and miserable,
I don’t wanna hurt you;
So please stay away from me

I know how badly I needed you
And I know it wouldn’t be easy
But it’s the only way for you
Not to get wounded by me

I’m vicious, and possessive
I don’t want you to be my prey
I don’t want you to cry
So please dear, forget me

I’ve been vindictive all the time
Because of the tragic traumas
My heart is frozen with scars
It’s fraught with anger and woe

I’m a living dead now,
As what I am feeling right now
I want to stop breathing;
To halt this pain deep within

My life is bitter while yours is sweet
I don’t want to ruin your beautiful life;
So listen to me for it’s for your sake
Stay away from me coz I’m miserable

A Poem about Lies

Lying is one of the most common reasons why relationship fails. It is an act of deceiving someone through falsehood and flattery words. This poem is dedicated to people who used to fabricate words. I also dedicated this poem to someone who used to make me smile through her lies. Hope you’ll like it!
Photo by Luca Iaconelli on Unsplash

Your words were as sweet as sugar
and as soft as cotton candies;
but I never thought it’s fabricated
with denial and bitterness

Your actions are thoughtful and vivid
it caresses me gently just like the wind;
but I was wrong, it is just a deception
fake and filled with illusions

Your words and actions are deceitful
It doesn’t show what your heart speaks,
It doesn’t reveal your real self
You are coated with fallacies

You may look gorgeous, fresh outside
But deep within you stench and ugly
You veiled the truth and the reality;
But worry now, it’ll eventually spew out

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Poem about Farewell: "Letting Go"

Letting go is an act where you release something/someone that you hold on dearly, something that is not worth enough to be yours, and something that is not meant to be forever. This poem is a tribute to someone whom I adore so much, but fate is our foe and we cannot do anything to combat the will of nature. It’s hard to forego but it’s the only way to ease the pain and to stop the wound from bleeding.
Photo by Milada Vigerova on Unsplash

How can I move on
when you’re the reason
why my heart keeps
on beating?

How can I forego
when every time I take a pause
your visage lurks
inside my head?

How can I stop crying 
when you're the only one
who make my days
complete and happy?

How can I hide the pain
when my heart yearns
for your love
and caressing touch?

How can I forget you
if you’re the only person
who made my life
move in sync?

How can I neglect you
when you’re the most
important person
I’ve ever had?

How can you say I’m nothing
when yesterday you told me
how much you adore
and love me?

How can I’ve been so drowned
by your sweet lies
without knowing you’re
just playing fire?

Dark Poem - "Sleepless Night"

Insomnia is the inability to fall asleep or to remain asleep long enough to feel rested, especially when this is a problem that continues over time. This poem is about me and what I feel and experience having it. Hope you can relate to it.
Photo by Joshua Reddekopp on Unsplash

It’s already 12:25 PM, it’s already dusky
I can’t sleep, my mind is still lively
It seems I’m a night owl already
Having a hard time to become sleepy

Give me a dose of sleeping pills;
It might help me feel drowsy
Or I will listen to whiskey lullaby,
Maybe it will make me dozy

Hand me my beers they say its effective
I’ll get drunk until I feel wasted
Or I’ll just play with my balls
They say it’s a fact, a natural sedative?

I think getting worn out is another way;
To sleep easily in my soft mattress
I’ll work very hard and exhaust myself
It might help me to fall asleep

The time is 1:00 AM, it’s really late now
I need to calm down and lose my eyes
I do really feel it; I’m on my way;
To my sweet dreamland, I slip away

Friday, May 23, 2014

Dark Poem - "Wallowing Anxiety"

Anxiety is the feeling of worry, the nervousness or agitation often about something that is going to happen. In Psychiatry, it is an extreme apprehension; a medical condition that is marked by intense fear of real or imagined danger. This poem is all about my sudden anxiety cause of the online society. Seeking for approval has been one of my greatest anxieties.
Photo by Hisu lee on Unsplash

My mind is troubled
My heartbeat is agitated
An impending bad luck
Might happen and get unlock

I feel nervous inside me
I can’t help it, so please help me
I’m in self-doubt can’t you see
So please guide me accordingly

I fumble, I cry because I’m lost
Can’t find a way to get out
The place is dusk and I feel so alone
I will soak eventually and die

Listen to my plea whoever hears me
Please give me pity and help me
I’m getting paranoid deeply
So I beg you to cure me quickly

I’m in trauma can’t you feel
My tears keep rolling in my cheek
Every night I can’t sleep
Do you feel my pain already?

This is my message to you dear friend
Why did you let me suffer all of this?
Are you happy with what you've done to me?
Because I’m very near to my wreckage

So this will be my last word for you
Hope you’ll listen with heart and soul
Why you have left me all alone
While you're happy and I’m in anxiety

A Poem about Anxiety
Source: freedigitalphotos.net

A Poem about Envy

Jealousy is the feeling of being bitter and unhappy because of another’s advantages, possessions or luck. This poem is about my alter ego, a poem dedicated to myself for being envious sometimes to those who shine brighter than me. I know this is not good that is why I am starting to get rid of this. This is a piece to experience me.
A Poem about Jealousy
Source: Gabriel S. Delgado via Wikimedia Common

I want to be a star
just like him,
surrounded by admirers
and shouting fans

I want to be a model
just like him,
with the bulky body
and fancy outfits

I want to be a player
just like him,
easy go lucky
and can get everything

I want to be a singer
just like him,
spotted by spotlights
and applaud by a mob

I want to be an endorser
just like him,
watch by viewers
and followed by paparazzi

I want to be rich
just like him,
can buy everything
and travel anywhere

I want to be just like him;
Perfect life and perfect look
That’s why I admire him;
For to be like him is everything 

Friday, May 16, 2014

Love Poem - "Caress"

Music is an art of arranging pleasing sounds to create harmonious melody and rhythm. But it is not just a pleasing sound; it makes life sings. It fraught life with happiness and serenity because of its healing melodious effect, it steers the wheel of life – it crafts life into a harmonious transition.
A poem about music
Photo Source: By Galymzhan Abdugalimov via Unsplash
It touches gently my eardrums
It soothes like cotton
It makes me smile and cry
It fills my life with melody
It heals my wounds and traumas
It kisses me softly
It revives me from downfall
It teaches me when I’m dumb
It hugs me when I’m alone
It tells me to be strong
It talks when I’m depressed
It calls as sweet as candy
It devours my uncertainties
It endures my painful thoughts
It plays when I need companion
It sees what other can’t see
It hears what other can’t hear
It whispers like mild wind
It mutters when I’m speechless
It treasures every bit of me
It hides its voice deep within
It inspires me all the time
It loves me just the way I am
It filters my problem
That makes music my best bud

Work Poem - "Life of a Blogger"

A blogger will always be a blogger. This poem is about my blogging trek, how I’ve felt after entering into the world of blogosphere. The things that make me a so called “blogger” in my truest sense of passion in terms of writing; a prose dedicated to myself.
Life of a Blogger
Photo Source: By Craig Garner via Unsplash
Writing passionately through my pen
Thinking of topics for me to write
Carefully outlining every detail
To create and write a defined articles

Every night my mind keeps on floating
Bursting with ideas and aspirations
Dreaming with smiles in every thought
That pop-up every time I close my eyes

Blogging is my life and my passion
I write to express what’s on my mind
It’s my hobby and my everything
That’s why I do my best in every post

Traffic is my lifeline for my own blog
Engagement is my tool for better ranks
Posts are my weapons for my foes
SEO is my friend for higher crawls

Readers are my sweet golden treasures
That I really owe and care so much
Without them my words will be futile
That’s why I love them so much

A poem about Time -"Time Devours"

Time is precious. It eats moments when you wanted it to last and slows it down when things are in wrath. Truly, time is gold – a precious thing that we must use properly. Here is a poem that describes how time, devours everything in our lives, inspired by the movie series “The Lord of the Rings”.
Photo by Uroš Jovičić on Unsplash

Toothless it bites
Mouth-less it mutters
Eyeless it cries
Footless it walks

Voiceless it sings
Brainless it teaches
Priceless it demands
Palate-less it devours

Rootless it grows
Endless it stops
Pointless it affects
Boundless it kills

Colorless it paints
Artless it draws
Inkless it marks
Shapeless it carves

Lifeless it moves
Fruitless it yields
Ruthless it helps
Ageless it dies


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