Friday, May 23, 2014

Dark Poem - "Wallowing Anxiety"

Anxiety is the feeling of worry, the nervousness or agitation often about something that is going to happen. In Psychiatry, it is an extreme apprehension; a medical condition that is marked by intense fear of real or imagined danger. This poem is all about my sudden anxiety cause of the online society. Seeking for approval has been one of my greatest anxieties.
Photo by Hisu lee on Unsplash

My mind is troubled
My heartbeat is agitated
An impending bad luck
Might happen and get unlock

I feel nervous inside me
I can’t help it, so please help me
I’m in self-doubt can’t you see
So please guide me accordingly

I fumble, I cry because I’m lost
Can’t find a way to get out
The place is dusk and I feel so alone
I will soak eventually and die

Listen to my plea whoever hears me
Please give me pity and help me
I’m getting paranoid deeply
So I beg you to cure me quickly

I’m in trauma can’t you feel
My tears keep rolling in my cheek
Every night I can’t sleep
Do you feel my pain already?

This is my message to you dear friend
Why did you let me suffer all of this?
Are you happy with what you've done to me?
Because I’m very near to my wreckage

So this will be my last word for you
Hope you’ll listen with heart and soul
Why you have left me all alone
While you're happy and I’m in anxiety

A Poem about Anxiety
Source: freedigitalphotos.net


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