Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Friendship Poem - "A Promise to Remember"

This poem is about man who always feel blue but a little boy came into his life and everything changed. Treating each other as brothers, water become thicker than blood? They manage to find time and create memorable moments as they promise to each other that every afternoon they will have to go to their hideout and meet each other. The lad tried to keep his promise to keep their friendship longer.
Friends via Cole Hutson

Here in the land where green grass smiles at every foot they touch
Where trees gracefully dance in the rhythm of the air they catch
Where the whistling bird draws the image of the working Dutch
A place of little heaven of memories and promises of me and my little buddies

We cross our fingers directly to our heart, creating a white shadow of promises, planting sweet blossom of words and waters a potion of spicy perfume the drying lips of innocence
Smelling the sincerity of the aroma of our spell and internalizing its ingredients
To manipulate ourselves to find our image before the sun finds it sit…

The blue mood turned to green when everything does well
Reminding my heart and soul, not mimic the routine of evil
Keeping my promises creates thousand minutes and million seconds of moments
The steps of the day and the walk of the time is a promise to remember…


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