Friday, May 23, 2014

A Poem about Envy

Jealousy is the feeling of being bitter and unhappy because of another’s advantages, possessions or luck. This poem is about my alter ego, a poem dedicated to myself for being envious sometimes to those who shine brighter than me. I know this is not good that is why I am starting to get rid of this. This is a piece to experience me.
A Poem about Jealousy
Source: Gabriel S. Delgado via Wikimedia Common

I want to be a star
just like him,
surrounded by admirers
and shouting fans

I want to be a model
just like him,
with the bulky body
and fancy outfits

I want to be a player
just like him,
easy go lucky
and can get everything

I want to be a singer
just like him,
spotted by spotlights
and applaud by a mob

I want to be an endorser
just like him,
watch by viewers
and followed by paparazzi

I want to be rich
just like him,
can buy everything
and travel anywhere

I want to be just like him;
Perfect life and perfect look
That’s why I admire him;
For to be like him is everything 


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