Friday, May 30, 2014

A Poem about Lies

Lying is one of the most common reasons why relationship fails. It is an act of deceiving someone through falsehood and flattery words. This poem is dedicated to people who used to fabricate words. I also dedicated this poem to someone who used to make me smile through her lies. Hope you’ll like it!
Photo by Luca Iaconelli on Unsplash

Your words were as sweet as sugar
and as soft as cotton candies;
but I never thought it’s fabricated
with denial and bitterness

Your actions are thoughtful and vivid
it caresses me gently just like the wind;
but I was wrong, it is just a deception
fake and filled with illusions

Your words and actions are deceitful
It doesn’t show what your heart speaks,
It doesn’t reveal your real self
You are coated with fallacies

You may look gorgeous, fresh outside
But deep within you stench and ugly
You veiled the truth and the reality;
But worry now, it’ll eventually spew out


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