Friday, May 30, 2014

Sad Poem: "Miserable Life"

Life is complicated and very uncertain, those people who manage to remain positive lives life happily, but those pessimistic people live in misery. This poem is about someone who had gone into multiple life tragedy. What he feels is pain and he thinks that life is worthless without the person whom 
he really wanted to be with.
Photo by Brunel Johnson on Unsplash

Don’t go near with me
I’m dirty and miserable,
I don’t wanna hurt you;
So please stay away from me

I know how badly I needed you
And I know it wouldn’t be easy
But it’s the only way for you
Not to get wounded by me

I’m vicious, and possessive
I don’t want you to be my prey
I don’t want you to cry
So please dear, forget me

I’ve been vindictive all the time
Because of the tragic traumas
My heart is frozen with scars
It’s fraught with anger and woe

I’m a living dead now,
As what I am feeling right now
I want to stop breathing;
To halt this pain deep within

My life is bitter while yours is sweet
I don’t want to ruin your beautiful life;
So listen to me for it’s for your sake
Stay away from me coz I’m miserable


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