Friday, May 16, 2014

Love Poem - "Caress"

Music is an art of arranging pleasing sounds to create harmonious melody and rhythm. But it is not just a pleasing sound; it makes life sings. It fraught life with happiness and serenity because of its healing melodious effect, it steers the wheel of life – it crafts life into a harmonious transition.
A poem about music
Photo Source: By Galymzhan Abdugalimov via Unsplash
It touches gently my eardrums
It soothes like cotton
It makes me smile and cry
It fills my life with melody
It heals my wounds and traumas
It kisses me softly
It revives me from downfall
It teaches me when I’m dumb
It hugs me when I’m alone
It tells me to be strong
It talks when I’m depressed
It calls as sweet as candy
It devours my uncertainties
It endures my painful thoughts
It plays when I need companion
It sees what other can’t see
It hears what other can’t hear
It whispers like mild wind
It mutters when I’m speechless
It treasures every bit of me
It hides its voice deep within
It inspires me all the time
It loves me just the way I am
It filters my problem
That makes music my best bud


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