Friday, May 16, 2014

Work Poem - "Life of a Blogger"

A blogger will always be a blogger. This poem is about my blogging trek, how I’ve felt after entering into the world of blogosphere. The things that make me a so called “blogger” in my truest sense of passion in terms of writing; a prose dedicated to myself.
Life of a Blogger
Photo Source: By Craig Garner via Unsplash
Writing passionately through my pen
Thinking of topics for me to write
Carefully outlining every detail
To create and write a defined articles

Every night my mind keeps on floating
Bursting with ideas and aspirations
Dreaming with smiles in every thought
That pop-up every time I close my eyes

Blogging is my life and my passion
I write to express what’s on my mind
It’s my hobby and my everything
That’s why I do my best in every post

Traffic is my lifeline for my own blog
Engagement is my tool for better ranks
Posts are my weapons for my foes
SEO is my friend for higher crawls

Readers are my sweet golden treasures
That I really owe and care so much
Without them my words will be futile
That’s why I love them so much


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