Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Poem about Brotherhood

Brotherhood is a feeling of goodwill, fellowship and sympathy to other people; it is also defined as a group of men with strong bonds. This poem is about my lost friend whom I treat as my own brother, but he chose to break it. I know things will never be back, and I have learned that life is harsh because of him, but God have given me more than I could expect – I gained more good friends.

Brotherhood by Derek Owens

I have lost my best friend before
Whom I considered my own brother
Even we’re not real brothers
I love him just like my own

But one day, he abused my kindness
He started to use harsh words
He began to ignore my presence
He had changed unexpectedly

I tried to revive what we have lost
Just like putting back a broken glass
But instead of getting fixed
I was the one who got wounded

It was hopeless and it was ruined
So I’ve decided to forego even its hard
It feels so bad deep inside,
But I cannot do anything to make it last

I settled down to a new hometown
Find new friends and create new one
But memories lurk about him;
Regretting why it needs to end that way

As the day goes by, I start to smile
I already get used of the pain inside;
I learned to realize that life is like that
Some people are meant to be detached

Now that I find myself after brokenness
I see the light again in my life
If he treats me as his own brother
He will not do those things to hurt me

For brothers will always be brothers
No matter what happen;
They will stay together even at times,
When life tells them to fight


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