Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Love Poem - "Affection"

L*st is a s*xual desire with a strong physical desire to have intercourse with somebody, usually without associated feelings of love or affection; it is also the eagerness or enthusiasm for something. This poem is all about the earthly feelings that mankind can’t resist, especially for men like me.

Poem about Lust
Lust via Wikimedia Common
Electricity poked me again
I feel the flame within,
An intense desire keeps comin’
I feel active again

Damn, it’s butterfly effect
It flutters the stomach into my chest
It’s getting hard and firm
I can’t hold it any longer

It feels awesome, I love it
Don’t interrupt, its gonna feel good
Keep coming, I love the pleasure
Hold it sternly, let it reach the peak

Is this bad for it feels good?
Is it a sin for I can’t control?
Is it embedded in human nature?
To suffice man on its earthly desires

It is a way of procreation,
For a man to thrive for continuity;
To do what God's will to humankind
And that is to multiply

But some ought to control it
And do it with malicious motives
Just like what I did carelessly
Now I have an unexpected baby


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