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Sunday, August 31, 2014

A Love Poem - "Forever"

A poem about FOREVER. Does it really exist for change is permanent. But do you really believe that when love is pure it last for a lifetime. This poem is for someone out there who have been dumped by someone whom they really love.
A Poem about Forever
Forever via www.swoonreads.com

              I thought it was forever               
But one day you are gone
I was holdin’ your hand tightly
When you push me away nonchalantly

I thought it was forever
When you told how much you love me
Your words have pampered me deeply
For my heart beats fast for you dearly

I thought it was forever
When I have given you all mine
I’ve surrended my heart to you
Expecting that you’ll love me, just like what I do

I thought it was forever
From the time we hold our hands closely
But all of a sudden you’ve vanished
And things become a dream of a midsummer night

I thought it was forever
But it never lasted
Just like bubbles that burst
In the wind full of dust

I thought it was forever
When we made promises to each other
I thought we were meant to be
But it is just a “thought of forever”

I thought it was forever
I thought you were the one
A kind of love that last a lifetime
But things are not just destined for us

Saturday, August 23, 2014

A poem about Happiness

This poem is about smiling. A beautiful curve of your lips that gives charm and seduction. It is one of the best thing to do at times of difficulty, and may also captivate a longing heart. This poem is dedicated to my crush.
Your Smile

Staring at those smirks
Makes my stomach flutters,
Seeing those grins in your face
Makes my day perfect
That is the day when my heart
Say “You’re the one I’ve been waiting for”

I feel happy when you are there
Your stares are alluring
With your beautiful smiles
And your peachy eyes
I’ve become your admirer
How I wish someday you’ll be mine

The day when you appeared
In my dreams and in my mind
Is the day I asked myself?
Do I like you?
Because I want you
    My heart smiles because of you         

It was pure feeling
And I know it was real
I know it was pure for all I wanted
Is to make you happy
And spend the rest of my time
With you smiling

I don’t know what you feel
But let me vent what my heart speaks
And what my mind portrays
Even I don’t get till the end
I am blissful enough
That I’ve seen your magical smiles

Love Poem - "Right Here Waiting"

Love is patient, love is waiting and love is not rushing things to happen. This poem is written for our Philippine Literature activity and dedicated to someone special. Hope you will like and love this poem about it comes from deep within – my heart.
A Poem about Patient Love
Waitin' via unsplash.com

The day her glimpse cross mine
Is the day my heart glows bright
Her smile gives blithe and jolt
That makes my day weird but fine

Here in the corner where I sit
I sneak stares at her in silence
I don’t know if it’s worth to wait
But what I’ve felt makes me fret

Some people wait for a lifetime
While few met there’s by accident
Mine was love at first sight?
But don’t know if she feels the same

It’s lofty to tame my eager heart
If desires encircles my feisty mind
It’s perplexing to decipher and find
Appropriate words to vent in pert

I feel numb by her nonchalant actions
It weakens my jaunty emotions
But to combat this feeling is suicide
For this secret love is hard to set aside

My tongue remains petrified by fear
On what outcome will it draw near?
But to man-up is the real key
To know a damsel’s feeling and say


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