Sunday, August 31, 2014

A Love Poem - "Forever"

A poem about FOREVER. Does it really exist for change is permanent. But do you really believe that when love is pure it last for a lifetime. This poem is for someone out there who have been dumped by someone whom they really love.
A Poem about Forever
Forever via www.swoonreads.com

              I thought it was forever               
But one day you are gone
I was holdin’ your hand tightly
When you push me away nonchalantly

I thought it was forever
When you told how much you love me
Your words have pampered me deeply
For my heart beats fast for you dearly

I thought it was forever
When I have given you all mine
I’ve surrended my heart to you
Expecting that you’ll love me, just like what I do

I thought it was forever
From the time we hold our hands closely
But all of a sudden you’ve vanished
And things become a dream of a midsummer night

I thought it was forever
But it never lasted
Just like bubbles that burst
In the wind full of dust

I thought it was forever
When we made promises to each other
I thought we were meant to be
But it is just a “thought of forever”

I thought it was forever
I thought you were the one
A kind of love that last a lifetime
But things are not just destined for us


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