Saturday, August 23, 2014

Love Poem - "Right Here Waiting"

Love is patient, love is waiting and love is not rushing things to happen. This poem is written for our Philippine Literature activity and dedicated to someone special. Hope you will like and love this poem about it comes from deep within – my heart.
A Poem about Patient Love
Waitin' via unsplash.com

The day her glimpse cross mine
Is the day my heart glows bright
Her smile gives blithe and jolt
That makes my day weird but fine

Here in the corner where I sit
I sneak stares at her in silence
I don’t know if it’s worth to wait
But what I’ve felt makes me fret

Some people wait for a lifetime
While few met there’s by accident
Mine was love at first sight?
But don’t know if she feels the same

It’s lofty to tame my eager heart
If desires encircles my feisty mind
It’s perplexing to decipher and find
Appropriate words to vent in pert

I feel numb by her nonchalant actions
It weakens my jaunty emotions
But to combat this feeling is suicide
For this secret love is hard to set aside

My tongue remains petrified by fear
On what outcome will it draw near?
But to man-up is the real key
To know a damsel’s feeling and say


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