Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Love Poem: "Strong Sweet Glances"

A poem about glances. Staring is to look directly at somebody or something for a long time without moving the eyes away, as a result of curiosity or surprise and sometimes a way to express rudeness or defiance. This poem is a chunk of what I’ve felt towards my college crush.
Photo by Jordan Koons on Unsplash

Are those glares for me?
Or for someone else
Is your heart taken?
Or free to love
If yes, Can you be the one?

I’m just this voiceless guy
Who loves you silently?
I don’t want to close the door
For how would I know if it’s possible?
If I would not try to enter

It’s hard to expect
When hope seems so dim and gray
But because of your stares
I’ve fallen and learned to wait
For waiting once more might end happily

But this feeling will exude soon
And I might fall out of love
Because of your apathetic stares
I might change the sweetness
Of my unexpected love for you


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