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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Poem about Desire: "Instinct"

A poem about Instinct - a strong natural impulse, a powerful impulse that feels more natural rather than reasoned. This is about my life's instinct about what I really feel now towards my friends.
Confuse via unsplash.com

When there’s something I want to do
So eager to make it true
But my mind splits into two
Should I have to follow you? 

Sometimes when I feel confused 
To the things, I don’t know what to choose
I hope it’s true, but I think it’s false
Now, should I beg your echoes?

When things I feel strangers
 That, it seems full of emptiness
 I can’t help myself to use my senses
Should I let you use your tastes?

I know you know me and you live inside me
You appear when I’m on the needy
 And your voice whispers perfectly
So please be my way

A Poem about Pride

A poem about pride - the feeling of superiority, it is a haughty attitude shown by somebody who believes often unjustifiably, that he is better than others.
Photo by Christian Sterk on Unsplash

What you've done is a matter of consequences
Once it is created it will never be changed
Pulling it back is just a waste of strength
Why did you not follow what your conscience says…

I know it’s not bad to dream a good life
To stand on your feet and make your own path
But you see it’s not good enough
To make people look up you on the top…

Didn’t you realize everything is gone?
You curse your family, you defeat your friends
You tried to manipulate people on your hands
Till it each the point you are being ruthless…

But you have still a chance to make it right
You just have to know when to put down your pride
And use your power to keep morally upright
Before everything will leave behind


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