Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A Poem about Instinct

A poem about Instinct - a strong natural impulse, a powerful impulse that feels more natural rather than reasoned. This is about my life's instinct about what I really feel now towards my friends.
Confuse via unsplash.com

When there’s something I want to do
So eager to make it true
But my mind splits into two
Should I have to follow you? 

Sometimes when I feel confused 
To the things, I don’t know what to choose
I hope it’s true, but I think it’s false
Now, should I beg your echoes?

When things I feel strangers
 That, it seems full of emptiness
 I can’t help myself to use my senses
Should I let you use your tastes?

I know you know me and you live inside me
You appear when I’m on the needy
 And your voice whispers perfectly
So please be my way


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