Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A Poem about Teachers Day

This poem “A child of the night” refers to the child who is very thankful to his teachers for molding and helping him surpass the monsters and hindrances in his life. Even though he is a stubborn kid, with a cumbersome mind his teachers had never given up to mold and reshape his four social dimensions as an existing organism in this world.
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A Child of the Night

H- Howl of a blink of an eye
A- A sore of your eyes drap in the sky
P- Praising the love of the nightingale fry
P-Prevailing the wary of your superfluous time
Y-You cause the stars shines in the night

T-Though child lift up his upheaval
E- ever since the head turn up in height
A-Accuse to death never show its kind
C- Ceased the smile of the day kite
H- Hence we conquer our fierce cucumber mind
E- Exists the summons of darkness in our hearts
R- Ridiculous plaintive of yours never sighs
S- Seloliqueis core of your heart never dry

D- Dearest angel of the societies plot
A-Angle of journey you kindle our path
Y-Yemen millions gratitude disperse in the circle of universe half

Written by: Roger Rangasa 


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