Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A Poem about Hope - "Rekindled Faith"

This is a poem dedicated to the missionaries that gives light to my dark life. I will miss all the good times we have shared but rest assure I will keep all the teachings and emulate them to live a righteous and happy life.
Hope for helpless hearts

Once upon a time
In a midsummer noontime
I was having a good time
With a friend who has a bad time

As we walk pass the road
Two men in a white strode
Got curious where I have stood
So I begun to intrude

They walk with their faith
And consider themselves as saint
First impression was they’re ain’t
For human are sinners and they can’t

One of these men is from native land
Who seems so faithful to stand?
Persuasive and firm as he demand
Fuelled with desire to serve God

The other is from foreign place
Who seems so kind and look nice
I see God with his angelic face
To help me in my tormenting case

As the days goes by
I feel something, I don’t know why
I tried to ignore and defy
But ended up to continue and rectify

One of these men strengthen my faith
While the other one help me dreamt
They never fail and never flaunt
They’ve even gave me an art paint

I’m changing and I love it
God sent me these mates
To raise me up and reach out
And forever I’ll be thankful to these saints

But time is our enemy
And they are here as missionaries
They need to go someday
To fulfil their oath for their solemn missions


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