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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Six-Word Story: "Tears"

Photo by Joanna Nix on Unsplash

Tears flow like an endless river.
-mr. deepy-

Six-Word Story: "Fairy Tale"

Photo by Sarah Mak on Unsplash

 Happy ending is a fairy tale.
-mr. deepy-

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

A Poem about Sleepless Nights


Awake at night, asleep on daytime
That's the life I have right now
Deprive at sleep with fluffy eyes
Like I'm dwelling in Copenhagen City

Lunchtime is at early dawn
Catnap on a meal break
That's what I do all the time
To get it through the night

Brewed black coffee is my stimulant
For my drowsy eyes that keep me alive
Taking calls and resolving computer issues
Of elderly American people - that's what I do.

All I need is a normal sleep
I'm human, not a nocturnal animal
Sleep with the rhythm of the biological clock
Find comfort and peace in darkness.

Photo by Tom Roberts on Unsplash

A Poem about Conflict


You ask for your privacy
Ceased me for meddling around
Damped me with your sweet lies
Now, I'm breaking into pieces

Tried to mend our hearts
But you're too indifferent,
I've lost my strength so bad
Now lost in your fake paradise.

Wander places to forego you
But each pause I remember you.
Tender touch you've to caress me;
Now it haunts me every night

Texted and chatted you for chances
You told me this hurting words;
"Don't meddle in my affairs"
Now, I'm alone silently bleeding.

Painful words and apathetic approach;
The way you look at me differs already.
Everything was gone, you've changed a lot
Now, I'll stop fighting for you.

Photo by Eric Nopanen on Unsplash

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

A Poem about Dreams & Goals

When a person is strong, they tend to succeed in every circumstance that they encounter. Never be affected by those people who love to drag you down when you're at the peak of success. Be with strong people for they will help you achieve your goals.

Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

"Hold Unto Your Dreams"

There are many reasons why I live,
In this world, I want to believe,
Anything I dream can be achieved.

But why there are some people,
Not happy with what I have at all,
Instead, they want me again to fall.

Nevertheless, I don't want to be affected,
No matter how I am treated,
For I am strong and can't be busted.

As long as I lived with peace,
Never hurt people that I want to see less,
With confidence, I am at ease.

Don't mind people with full of negativity,
For they will drag me down surely,
Make them my inspiration definitely.

I must be strong,
Every circumstance that will come along,
Because no one will defend me for so long.

Let me live my own way,
God will guide me anyway,
And help me make stronger starting today.


A Poem about Sad Life


A bad-tempered heart that needs love
Sadly whispering in your ears 
Help me please to this uncertainties
I'm so helpless, guide me, dear

I've indulged in hatred, darkness, and fear
A hallow chaotic place I've to delve in
No escape, undo, just play with addiction
Messed up lost, a wanderer without a path to go

A sullen sunless sky every morning
Even its fiercely blazing with fire every day.
Felt so pale as my hands get so numb
Coldness creeps like a winter blizzard

As I lay down in bed the sorrow embraces me;
Waiting for death, very morbid eidolon
Self-pity caresses me every time I hold on
So I'll just forego, life seems too forlorn

Photo by Christian Sterk on Unsplash

A Poem about Attraction

"Face Does Matter"

Eidolon in my twenties
Perfectionist and dreamy
Afraid of rejections, attention-seeker
Looks always matter that's how I judge you

Been loveless for months
Apathetic of people around
Indifferent soul like its carved within
Eyes chase the good looks

Beauty outside is my preference
Faces value most for me
If you're ugly I don't like you
That's why love isn't constant for me

An attraction that leads always to lust
Charming faces and body tend not to last
After an encounter, you're looking for the next shot
Everything seems to be so temporal

This attitude leads to anxiety
Look, play and search is the game
Where love is optional, s** is the main motive

Poor love game looks only matter
Not genuine nor everlasting
A continuous search, unquenchable thirst
If you don't stop, forever you'll get stuck

Saturday, November 25, 2017

A Poem about Nature

The sky is blue and the water is clear
The wind that blows across the tress
The chirping birds and the spring of mountain
Each of this is the whispers and whistles of nature

The spectrum of colors above the sky
That gives happiness to everyone to fly
The sun that bright and the moon at night
Each of this is whispers and whistles of nature

The patch of sky that everyone likes to catch
The shower of blessings that God gives us
The flowers that bloom and the seeds that sprout
Each of this is whispers and whistles of nature

The river of life and the crystals like a knife
The breeze that caresses and the miracles that give bliss
It’s the most wonderful thing that no one can imitate
All of this is the whispers and whistles of nature

Photo by Luca Bravo on Unsplash

Friday, November 24, 2017

Sad Poem: "Because of You"

Sometimes, the reason for one's happiness is when they find love with the person who made them whole again and continues to feel love despite everything that
 happened in the past.
Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

Why I am lonely
Who could make me smile?
Because of you, I am happy.

Why I am in pain
Who could heal it for me?
Because of you, I am healed.

Why I am broken
Who could fix my heart?
Because of you, I am whole again.

Why I am abused
Who could spare me goodness?
Because of you, I am in good hands.

Why I am afraid
Who could show me courage?
Because of you, I became brave.

Why I am being hated
Who could treat me best?
Because of you, I was accepted.

Why I am lying
Who could ask me what is true?
Because of you, I tell the truth.

Why am in love
Because of you!
I felt love and it's true!

Thursday, November 23, 2017

A Poem about Sadness

"Morose Soul"

Parch lips solemnly praying for the upliftment
Sullen for years, unloved and distressed
Wondering spirit tryin' to find refuge
In this realm fraught with judgment

Wandering to unknown chaotic places
Searching for a purpose, looking for a cure
Sleepless seek, no wonder I'm so lost
Felt a hundred years of excruciating sorrow

Seems like no one can quench this thirsty soul
Even Gods can't help me from this morose
For thyself is stubborn in altering the paradigm
Of this endless, melancholic thoughts

Kept my mind incarcerated for years
Isolated from the noises of this society
Afraid of trusting people again
An ill-tempered heart so broken and pale

Even myself can't decipher the wants
For now, let me dwell with my own demons
Indulge in the morbidity of thy soul
Weary as I am, I need to lay down now

In this bed where comfort can be only found.
The darkness has prevailed within thyself
Slowly drowning in this sadness
Let me sleep deeply and get away from reality.

Photo by Genessa Panainte on Unsplash

A Poem about Truthfulness


Not everyone will be your friend,
       you can be nice but not everyone 
                can be nice to you --
     because you can't please them all.

Try to be away and they'll backbite you;
       when you are in fame and in richness, 
                everyone eyes are on you.

People seem to be so thoughtful and friendly,
       but when you're broke as hell;
                everyone seems to be gone,
    like a morning dew at daylight time.

It's hard to unmask the real and unreal,
      when everything seems to be so genuine.

Looks also matter in this fake society standards;
      when you're good-looking,
                everyone seems to like and follow you.
      but when you're ugly and stinky;
everyone will avoid you. 

No one seems to see you, unseen and ignored.
        and you'll feel like a shadow 
               lurking around in the darkness
      where no one can notice you --
even when you badly bleeding to death.

That's the reason why some people
        tend to wear a mask. 
               for reality is sometimes a curse,
                   so using a cloak can ease the pain
     of getting mock by the mob for being
just the way you are.

Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

A Poem about Young Love

"First Time"

First times are surely memorable
In every person’s experience that is immeasurable
It can be a first encounter that you think impossible
That's why you are shocked that it becomes possible

The first kiss is full of love and adoration
That is given to a person without any explanation
Because it’s full of desire and consideration
That is a strong sign of person affection

The first ride is full of excitements to explore
That is blissful which you will surely adore
Airplanes, bicycles and any frigate you endure
Is just fun to ride on and makes a closure

First love is sweet and indefinable
It lingers your heart which is very unstable
It ghosts your present that is insurmountable
Hard to ease that’s why it is unforgettable

First fail in an exam, task and other challenges
Are disappointing if it plunges into changes
Hatred and doubt within you merges
Feeling of hopeless, making you slowly submerge

First achievements as a dream come true
Heaven is bright and life is full
Encourages you every barricade to pass through
In order for you to be successful

First times are important things in our lives
It's a catalyst for change that makes us move
A significant moment that makes our lips curve
To a mixture of countenance as we go on and live

Photo by Christiana Rivers on Unsplash

A Poem about Mysteries

"Enchanted Midnight"

Twilight chants as darkness invade
Cricket buzzes all around the corner
Whispers of taboo and spells
A mysterious creature wanders this time

Wicked witches retrain to fly
By its laughing broom and cast
Black magic’s are stronger this time
As the full moon lights up the town

Dwarfs commence to laugh and play
Tiny people with power and wealth
Lives in tiny hill-like soil
Wants to socialize and just be secure

Fairies have shown it’s gorgeous
Flapping its glittery transparent wings
Pollinating flowers with bees as rides
Like Barbie dolls at night

Wolves started to howl at peak
Making few coward creatures be afraid
Its fangs and claws are sharp and deadly
That every prey has no chances to escape

Vampires wake up at this time
From its dead sleep to a lively one
Coming out of its scary coffin
To victim and sip again fresh bloody humans

As the clock strikes twelve
Nocturnal started to crawl, creep and kill
Innocent daytime creatures have no escapes
From this violent culture your one of their prey!


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