Saturday, November 11, 2017

Poem about Hope: "Forcibly Awakens"

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

It takes time to open one's eyes
That's once blinded by pain
To see one's value and worth again
And let them feel they're special too

Sometimes they need to look back
Retreat for what is lost
Find what was missing
By then, they'll find their selves again

Often times, mistakes turns to a teacher
To wake them up and show the reality
River of tears may be traded in
In cleansing one's soul out of mud

They go back to where they used to
And see they've been changed a lot
Wounds have made them bitter
And they'll notice it wasn't better

Now, they'll start again from scratch
Rebuild what was ruined
And turn the folded page to pass
Unravel the rope, be free from bondage

Goodbye my sweetest friend
As you go far, miles away
You'll be kept inside me
Forever in my heart you'll be here

Time have played so quickly
That we soon partake each farewells
Let me unravel these words for you
I adore you for being there always

The nights will never be darker again
As you rekindle the flame in me
You'll be here in my heart pounding
Brighter days come forth now

Our ways might never cross again
But let's focus on today's moment
Tomorrow will never be predicted 
Let's live now, forget what will come

Someday will find our way back
Let's keep our promises in our hearts
Don't cry will be together good folk
When fates intersect, lead us in one trek


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