Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Broken For A Reason

Life is easy to understand if we will only realize that everything happens for a reason. Be thankful for you are alive and be with people you want to live with around. 
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The first meeting, I was not expecting.
You and I are talking but meant nothing.
Sharing thoughts, what life has brought?
Learning is what we ought, happiness is not bought.

Every day we met, the smile I get.
Greeting me, every time we see.
Happy to know, life has a glow.
We become friends, don't want it to end.

Days had passed by, every night we standby.
Chatting and laughing, it is what we are doing.
Until we end the day, I still wanted to stay.
For I am so happy, being with you every day.

Life has changed, but not so strange.
I am getting better, for you're my trendsetter.
Telling me things to do, I'm doing it too.
Became my commander, no time to surrender.

Closeness has extended, but contract ended.
The sadness I encountered, too much bother.
I will be alone again, same time back then.
Leaving me, I hate to see.

Friendship has just started, won't even lasted.
Early to part way, but couldn't say.
Want you to stay, no matter what day.
You've made a decision, no further revision.

The happiness we spent, a place we went.
Share a memory, made a short story.
Just want to be happy, on our three-day stay.
In a place, so hay, and nearby the bay.

After we call a holiday, time to separate way.
Not feeling well that day, the crying time I must say.
My heart is in pain, breath couldn't sustain.
Manage to take the lane, going homemade insane.
Vacation made, in bed you laid.
Pictures you've posted, I'm so lost.
Never answered back, don't know what I lack.
Said nothing, haven't heard anything.

Time flies so fast, you've come back at last.
Before it happens, it makes me saddened.
You texted me so bad, I'm not glad.
Friendship almost over, both cope up together.

Another day had passed, how timid I was.
Careful not to discuss, things that mess us.
I have not assisted, instead, I resist.
But I was forgiven, the kindness you have been.

Start all over again, a blessing came and rain.
Moments we share, the time we spare.
The friendship we bear, I feel fear.
Truly I swear, it's almost a year.



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