Thursday, November 23, 2017

A Poem about Truthfulness


Not everyone will be your friend,
       you can be nice but not everyone 
                can be nice to you --
     because you can't please them all.

Try to be away and they'll backbite you;
       when you are in fame and in richness, 
                everyone eyes are on you.

People seem to be so thoughtful and friendly,
       but when you're broke as hell;
                everyone seems to be gone,
    like a morning dew at daylight time.

It's hard to unmask the real and unreal,
      when everything seems to be so genuine.

Looks also matter in this fake society standards;
      when you're good-looking,
                everyone seems to like and follow you.
      but when you're ugly and stinky;
everyone will avoid you. 

No one seems to see you, unseen and ignored.
        and you'll feel like a shadow 
               lurking around in the darkness
      where no one can notice you --
even when you badly bleeding to death.

That's the reason why some people
        tend to wear a mask. 
               for reality is sometimes a curse,
                   so using a cloak can ease the pain
     of getting mock by the mob for being
just the way you are.

Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash


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