Friday, November 17, 2017

A Poem about True Love

Loving is part of our lives to give color to a fainted life but when it's done without passion everything will fall as a broken glass which can wound every heart.

Photo by Anne Edgar on Unsplash

"Authentic Love"

Sometimes we chose to be blinded by love.
We prefer to be hurt and get struck by our past;
Ignoring the person around us who truly cares for us,
Afraid of letting go even things were hopeless.

And from the moment we stop expecting
Is the moment we’ve put contentment in our heart.
Acceptance is a process it takes a hard time
But time heals as the days go by

Love is blind when we don’t use our mind.
Happiness is not about getting what we want,
It’s about calmness in your heart
Even we chose the harder one.

Moving on seems to be tough and painful.
It offers a pail of tears and anger,
But love is about living with respect
We cannot force anyone to love us while they are in vain.

Forgiveness is easy to say but elusive to give.
All the heartaches caused by the broken promises,
Cannot just be forgiven with a simple word of “sorry”
It takes time to recollect and undertake.

Reservations are not about egocentrism and mistrust.
It’s about loving oneself before giving it to others,
We cannot love others if we cannot love our own selves,
It’s about sharing and contentment without greater demands.

Destinies were real and justified,
Fate will find its course whatever it takes;
They are meant as if we’ve crossed the provided path,
Dictated by providence and cooperated by ourselves. 


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