Friday, November 24, 2017

Sad Poem: "Because of You"

Sometimes, the reason for one's happiness is when they find love with the person who made them whole again and continues to feel love despite everything that
 happened in the past.
Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

Why I am lonely
Who could make me smile?
Because of you, I am happy.

Why I am in pain
Who could heal it for me?
Because of you, I am healed.

Why I am broken
Who could fix my heart?
Because of you, I am whole again.

Why I am abused
Who could spare me goodness?
Because of you, I am in good hands.

Why I am afraid
Who could show me courage?
Because of you, I became brave.

Why I am being hated
Who could treat me best?
Because of you, I was accepted.

Why I am lying
Who could ask me what is true?
Because of you, I tell the truth.

Why am in love
Because of you!
I felt love and it's true!


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