Wednesday, November 22, 2017

A Poem about Young Love

"First Time"

First times are surely memorable
In every person’s experience that is immeasurable
It can be a first encounter that you think impossible
That's why you are shocked that it becomes possible

The first kiss is full of love and adoration
That is given to a person without any explanation
Because it’s full of desire and consideration
That is a strong sign of person affection

The first ride is full of excitements to explore
That is blissful which you will surely adore
Airplanes, bicycles and any frigate you endure
Is just fun to ride on and makes a closure

First love is sweet and indefinable
It lingers your heart which is very unstable
It ghosts your present that is insurmountable
Hard to ease that’s why it is unforgettable

First fail in an exam, task and other challenges
Are disappointing if it plunges into changes
Hatred and doubt within you merges
Feeling of hopeless, making you slowly submerge

First achievements as a dream come true
Heaven is bright and life is full
Encourages you every barricade to pass through
In order for you to be successful

First times are important things in our lives
It's a catalyst for change that makes us move
A significant moment that makes our lips curve
To a mixture of countenance as we go on and live

Photo by Christiana Rivers on Unsplash


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