Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Morbid Poem: "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow"

Love is sometimes cruel it destroys a person's life. It is a poisonous and malignant feeling that is hard to escape from. Ones you're infected with such feelings and desires it will always linger you even in your deepest dreams at night.

Love can be beneficial or destructive depending on the person's motive. It may ruin one's life for being broken is the most painful feeling in this realm world. It is hard to eliminate and it takes months and years to recover from brokenness.

A difference in your life today starts when you make choice to move on from what happened yesterday; this is a poem that reflects a broken visage of a lover being trashed and broken by someone whom he loves most but in return, she just broke it into nothing.

Photo by Ian Espinosa on Unsplash

Yesterday, my life was miserable
Fraught with regrets that are so interminable
My heart was too battled and feeble
I was half killed and the pain was unbearable

Every day was timid and flooded with tears
Faith was loosened and life was filled with fears
Dreams were broken by a worded sharp spear
Life was indeed a tainted flower

Today, was the scars of my broken past
Lingers me always that I cannot surpass
I am weak and forlorn as the days pass
I thirst for something that I know I miss

I am lost, trodden and can’t get up
Like waste that is used and drops
By someone who lied and smash your heart
Left you nothing and crying

Tomorrow, was twilight as it seems
The sun covered with clouds and mist
Everything was a blur and hopeless
As I glance at the broken window pane

I hate myself for being fooled
I was blinded and deaf by flowery words
Which is used to bait and fraud me
Now, I’m alone and there’s nothing left to lose.


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