Sunday, November 5, 2017

A Poem about Mistakes

Photo by Caleb George on Unsplash

Day and night I think of you
It was everything; it feels so real
You're special from the day I saw you
We chatted all day long and on
Wishing that we'd be together soon

One day you called my phone
I heard your voice, I fall for you more
I want your kisses and hugs
Draw you near into my arms
Be as one till we fall asleep deeply

Our love was pure thru chats and calls
Then you video chat, I fall for you more
I've begun to think going home
Filed my leave at work, excited to see you
But I can't wait so I resign and AWOL

The day has come and I went hometown
We decided to meet in the near city 
I glance at her face she looks different
Between her pictures online and personal
I feel disappointed I don't know why?

So I ask myself is it love or flirtation
Pictures are deceiving on social media sites
Now I am unsure if what I've done is right
For the one I've fallen in love is just someone,
Online who uses apps to be someone

But my heart beats for her all the time
I miss her when she's not chatting 
Loving her in person is another story 
Things are really odd online and offline
I wonder if this is just a mistaken love. 


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