Tuesday, November 28, 2017

A Poem about Sad Life


A bad-tempered heart that needs love
Sadly whispering in your ears 
Help me please to this uncertainties
I'm so helpless, guide me, dear

I've indulged in hatred, darkness, and fear
A hallow chaotic place I've to delve in
No escape, undo, just play with addiction
Messed up lost, a wanderer without a path to go

A sullen sunless sky every morning
Even its fiercely blazing with fire every day.
Felt so pale as my hands get so numb
Coldness creeps like a winter blizzard

As I lay down in bed the sorrow embraces me;
Waiting for death, very morbid eidolon
Self-pity caresses me every time I hold on
So I'll just forego, life seems too forlorn

Photo by Christian Sterk on Unsplash


Liz Parker said...

Wow. Very well-written poem on a subject that's tough to write about. Well done if you are the author.

Bill Sweeney said...

I've always admired someone that can express themselves, through words, music, or art. I loved your poem on depression.

Kenneth C. Agudo said...

Thank you. Yeah its a hard topic but maybe I was able to write this its because I feel it when I was writing this poem.

Kenneth C. Agudo said...

Thank you bill. I don't share too much of my poems online because millennials like me tend to laugh at it because its not cool for them.

Anosa said...

Ohh, I loved your poem even though it is a sad one. I love how you were able to make it. Indeed it is a talent. Keep it up!

diana ajih said...

It's a depressing poem but very well-written. I admire how well you can express yourself through words even if the subject itself it's tough to write on.

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