Tuesday, November 28, 2017

A Poem about Attraction

"Face Does Matter"

Eidolon in my twenties
Perfectionist and dreamy
Afraid of rejections, attention-seeker
Looks always matter that's how I judge you

Been loveless for months
Apathetic of people around
Indifferent soul like its carved within
Eyes chase the good looks

Beauty outside is my preference
Faces value most for me
If you're ugly I don't like you
That's why love isn't constant for me

An attraction that leads always to lust
Charming faces and body tend not to last
After an encounter, you're looking for the next shot
Everything seems to be so temporal

This attitude leads to anxiety
Look, play and search is the game
Where love is optional, s** is the main motive

Poor love game looks only matter
Not genuine nor everlasting
A continuous search, unquenchable thirst
If you don't stop, forever you'll get stuck


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