Saturday, November 18, 2017

Dreams in Life Poetry

Dreams fuel that ignites my courage
Which is kept in my heart for storage?
That motivates me always to be encouraged
To chase and don't stop until it is long range

I dreamed to be a star at night
Standing and smiling in front of a spotlight
That boost and enrich by the moonlight
But fade and vanish in every daylight.

I dreamed to be somebody which I admire most
Acting like him in every post
That makes me fight at any cost
And for me doing it will suffice my lost

I dreamed to have the things that I do want
That is placed on my thought which is already listed
I know it will linger me always when I rested
For me, it is forever be embedded

I dreamed to travel and explore the world
Stay and live there until I get old
That keeps me on-going to remain bold
Even at places that are too cold

Dreams are my armors in life’s journey
To keep me strong from roads which is curly?
No matter how long, blur and lofty
I'll keep on holding on to it safely.

Photo by Kelli Stirrett on Unsplash


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