Tuesday, November 21, 2017

A Poems about Movies

"Movies We Watch"

Films have will vary types of scenes
That every watcher wants to be seen
Sitting comfortably as they lean
Thinking about the movie of what it means

Some are scary that is frightful
They are said to be horror that is so fearful
Spells, voodoo’s and murders are sinful
That’s why it looks awful

Some are funny that makes us laugh
Full of joyous moments that make us a cough
That’s why it’s a comedy like stuff
Making a smile at times of tough

Some are energetic action films
Where stars are cool and body slim
Kung Fu, karate, and different action schemes
That every viewer wanted to scream

Some are rated for adults only
Cause it contains daring that is so horny
That every man feels in daylight early
That is why it’s for adult steady

Some are enchanted fiction stories
That foretells fascinating facts and identities
Fairy tales, magic, and several entities
That is loved by kids making its favorite movies

Movies have several flavors and spices
That makes every viewer start to wonders
Different likes and different tastes
That makes every movie look like a maze.

Photo by Timothy Eberly on Unsplash


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