Thursday, November 16, 2017

Love Poem: Human Desire

Emotions and feelings are sensory appetites of man but in terms of desire; earthly thinking drives
Photo by Morgan Sessions on Unsplash

It is a bodily appetite and tendencies
 According to what it means,
Uncontrollable passion which puts us drives
 From the apathy of our sleepy bodies

 It is an entity that dwells within,
That awakens man's dormant feelings
Inescapable as what it feels,
 For a man to satisfy his necessities

It is not a sin if done in accordingly
Because it is borne naturally,
 It may happen emotionally
Or can be done intentionally

 It may turn to immoral acts
Or just maintain a moral act;
Depending on the circumstances of the act
 Either act of man or human act,

It is can be intrinsically evil
If lusty motives will prevail,
It can be also extrinsically evil
If an act is not intended for free will


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